Jessica Glenn almost 4 years ago

West Linn has many parks from big to small, out on main streets and tucked away in neighborhoods. I think it would be fun to have the Parks & Rec Dept put out a Parks Passport that is similar to a scavenger hunt for parks. Each park would be listed on paper and also a set of clues. The goal would be to decode the clue to find the park and then visit it. Clues could be like: where the dinosaur lives or the tallest slide in town. If a child or family visits all of the parks in town they can win something or have their name listed on the town website or ???

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Lori Hall, Citizen Engagement Coordinator admin almost 4 years ago

Jessica, That is a very cute idea. I have passed it along to our Parks Department. If you don't already know, we are holding a scavenger hunt right now - featuring our parks and facilities. Check it out!

Sally Sklodo almost 4 years ago

Great Vision .... Sounds Like FUN !^*^!

Louis Peachey 3 months ago

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