Given the Arch Bridge area redevelopment, higher traffic density on Willamette Falls Drive will make it more difficult to turn left from (or onto) West A Street.

This three-sided intersection can be difficult to navigate, especially at rush hour. Due to the odd angles and the hillside, sight-lines here are poor. It can take a while for each car to safely turn left.

The diagrams I've reviewed (see the attached image) show some new islands on the West A side; but otherwise don't appear to show improvements to traffic control. This intersection very much needs it.

Perhaps a roundabout (as seen at Stafford / Rosemont / Atherton ) would get the job done. Beyond that, a stoplight with refuge lanes would make it possible to turn left safely, and without impeding traffic.

This would also make it much easier for non-vehicular traffic to safely cross Willamette Falls Drive. If control improvements are already in the works, then please let us know you have in mind. Thank you.

[ Note - my original idea on this topic is no longer visible on the site, so I have re-entered it. ]

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Sally Sklodo over 3 years ago

Good idea, the added traffic crossed my mind as I deal with this issue many times each week. Your idea sounds very GOOD.

Craig S Bell over 3 years ago

Thanks Sally. It's hard enough for automobiles; I can't imagine pedestrians being able to safely use those two crosswalks, as cars come around the turn after two miles of 45MPH road.

Sally Sklodo over 3 years ago

So very true....( pardon my delay; I checked the option to be alerted when any additional comments took place, and I was not alerted... ;)