West Linn could really use a family recreation center! Would be nice if it had an indoor pool, basketball court and racquetball court.

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Donna Bezio about 3 years ago

I know the city shot this down almost 2-1 in the recent vote, but I still think this is an idea worth pursuing as well! How great would it be to have a pool near the high school that the students and the community could use?!

Sally Sklodo about 3 years ago

Great idea !^*^!

SJ Krish about 3 years ago

Why not a YMCA? Two other places we've lived at, Prescott, AZ, and Easton, MD, had wonderful YMCAs with pools. You could work out with a view of the river :)

Craig S Bell about 3 years ago

The pool measure had some flaws that could possibly be overcome -- if people are willing to accept a less flashy solution.

1) A less-expensive, simpler pool would be more feasible in our current 'Costco service' days of budgeting. The proposed solution was simply too costly.

Yes, this means it's not as much of a destination; but I see the primary role leaning more towards exercise and fitness, not a theme park. I'm sure many will disagree on this. =-)

2) Priority for West Linn residents would make it more palatable. Charge admission for people from surrounding communities; but offer a low-cost membership for taxpaying residents .

Since it's a smaller / simpler pool (see #1), you won't need to raise as much money for building and operating it. However, fewer people will want to use it, without the top-end features.

I don't know if it's possible to decouple the swimming pool part of it from the kid's destination part of it. It's very possible that the stripped-down solution just wouldn't garner the support.