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I like how the City put in the blinking light at the High School to remind cars to stop for pedestrians at the marked cross walk. I'd love to see more of these around the city, where there are marked cross walks. Cars are supposed to stop for pedestrians at marked cross walks but often do not. I'd love to see one especially near Safeway and Willamette Church where Rosemont Ridge Middle School students try to cross. I've seen folks wait and wait while car after car does not stop at that cross walk. Let's make West Linn pedestrians more safe!!

This election has gotten so mean spirited. The mud-slinging, the false accusations, the bringing up of non-issues. Then I see the West Linn Chamber participating in that. I think the Chamber should remain neutral and that the city needs to have policies regarding elections. This is a small town which should have courtesy as part of its culture.


Given the Arch Bridge area redevelopment, higher traffic density on Willamette Falls Drive will make it more difficult to turn left from (or onto) West A Street.

This three-sided intersection can be difficult to navigate, especially at rush hour. Due to the odd angles and the hillside, sight-lines here are poor. It can take a while for each car to safely turn left.

The diagrams I've reviewed (see the attached image) show some new islands on the West A side; but otherwise don't appear to show improvements to traffic control. This intersection very much needs it.

Perhaps a roundabout (as seen at Stafford / Rosemont / Atherton ) would get the job done. Beyond that, a stoplight with refuge lanes would make it possible to turn left safely, and without impeding traffic.

This would also make it much easier for non-vehicular traffic to safely cross Willamette Falls Drive. If control improvements are already in the works, then please let us know you have in mind. Thank you.

[ Note - my original idea on this topic is no longer visible on the site, so I have re-entered it. ]

I would like to see the "Heritage Center" with the following theme's: Canemah Indians - there life about the falls The Locks - and move the whole museum up to center Sullivan Power plant West Linn Paper Mill - obtain mill artifacts The Arch Bridge - it's predecessors (the WL - OC Ferry) & the original bridge West Linn Meteor - possibly getting a loan from Smithsonian. Police/criminal History involving department Heritage artifacts

To name a few items that would make a terrific destination museum.

James Mattis about 4 years ago

Turn the the old Police Station in to a heritage center for the many non profits in our communities needing office/storage space and public display areas. Jim Mattis