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We have heard from the community the need to improve traffic at Willamette Drive and Willamette Falls Drive. We have also heard the need for more sidewalks, trails and connectivity throughout West Linn.

Improvements and modifications to streets, sidewalks and trails are a significant part of the project.

This plan takes those needs into careful consideration. Consultants had many ideas, including roundabouts, light signals and the realignment of roads.

One major component is the realignment of the intersection of Willamette Drive and Willamette Falls Drive. The realignment would straighten out the tangle of streets and oddly shaped intersections to a traditional right-angled intersection with four legs, wide crosswalks and a signal that would control traffic movements.

As for trails, the project looked at increasing bike and pedestrian connectivity throughout the study area. The plan connects West Bridge Park trails with a new trail being constructed that will eventually run from Willamette Park to the Arch Bridge.

Find out more by watching Kate Drennan of Nelson-Nygaard (below). Preliminary sketches of this are in the in the July Progress Report Presentation.

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Attachment: Video - Nelson Nygaard


Kate Drennan, with Nelson Nygaard, discusses transportation concepts in the Arch Bridge/Bolton long-range plan.


    Higher density near Willamette Falls Drive will make it more difficult to turn left from (or onto) West A Street.

    This three-sided intersection can be difficult to navigate, especially at rush hour. Due to the odd angles and the hillside, sight-lines here are poor. It can take a while for each car to safely turn left.

    The diagrams I've seen (up through September 13th) show some new islands on the West A side, but otherwise don't appear to show improvements to traffic control. This intersection very much needs it.

    Perhaps a roundabout (as seen at Stafford / Rosemont / Atherton ) would get the job done. Beyond that, a stoplight with refuge lanes would make it possible to turn left safely, and without impeding traffic.

    This would also make it much easier for non-vehicular traffic to safely cross Willamette Falls Drive. If control improvements are already in the works, then please let us know you have in mind. Thank you.