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The City kicked off this project at a City Council meeting on Jan. 27, 2014. The project is being guided by an advisory committee comprised of various community members and a technical committee with staff from various agencies is also providing input and guidance. Check out Advisory Committee Chair and City Councilor Jody Carson's video below.

LMN Architects is serving as the lead consultant on the project with Studio Cascade (Public Involvement), Walker Macy (Open Spaces and Parks), ECONorthwest (Market and Economics), and Nelson-Nygaard (Transportation Planning) acting as subconsultants. Studio Cascade talks more about their role in the video below.

For Background, the City has worked on three recent planning efforts in the area: Imagine West Linn (2008), West Linn OR 43 Conceptual Design Plan (2008) and the 2011 Highway 43/Willamette Falls Drive Vision and General Feasibility Assessment (Highway 43 Vision).

Outreach for the project includes:
- A survey sent out in March which garnered 487 responses
- A three-day storefront studio and associated community workshops held in April with nearly 150 participants
- Walking tours in August with more than 40 participants

The Existing Conditions report was presented to the City Council on April 14, 2014. A progress report memo and presentation with draft recommendations and concepts was presented to the Council and Planning Commission in a joint meeting on July 7, 2014.

The project is funded through a $220,000 Metro Community Planning and Development grant, which is funded through the construction excise tax. The City is providing an $80,000 in-kind match.

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Attachment: Video - City Council President Jody Carson


West Linn City Council President and Arch Bridge/Bolton Advisory Committee Chair Jody Carson talks about the possibilities available in the Arch Bridge/Bolton plan.

Attachment: Video - Studio Cascade


William Grimes and Rick Hastings, with Studio Cascade, describe the public engagement process regarding the Arch Bridge/Bolton plan.

Attachment: Video - Chamber of Commerce President Dan Gardner


Dan Gardner, president of the West Linn Chamber of Commerce and member of the Economic Development Committee, speaks as to why he got involved in the Arch Bridge/Bolton planning process.

Attachment: Video - Arch Bridge/Bolton Drone Video


This drone video was taken in July 2014 to show the views in the Arch Bridge area from 45 feet and 150 feet in the air.

Attachment: Document - Arch Bridge/Bolton Advisory Committee


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Community input is a large component of the Arch Bridge/Bolton Plan. The volunteer committee members worked all year to help shape this plan. Here are just a few reasons why they chose to get involved.


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