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West Linn is the City of Hills, Trees and Rivers. However, access to the Willamette River in West Linn is not as great as it could be. The Arch Bridge/Bolton plan looks to reconnect the community and the river.

The plan hopes to achieve greater physical and visual access to the Willamette River through advanced development of West Bridge Park and development of underutilized areas near the West Linn Paper Company. Such changes could include improved trails, canoe and kayak access at West Bridge Park and scenic overlooks at the park as well as near the Arch Bridge.

Find out more about the plans for the open spaces and parks from Ken Pirie and Mike Zilis of Walker Macy, and Ken Worcester, the City’s Parks and Recreation Director, in the two videos below.

See more about preliminary plans in the July Progress Report Presentation and in the open space plan (below).

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Attachment: Video - Walker Macy


Senior Associate Ken Pirie and Principal Mike Zilis, with Walker Macy, discuss the Arch Bridge/Bolton plan.

Attachment: Video - Parks and Recreation Director Ken Worcester


West Linn Parks and Recreation Director Ken Worcester speaks about improvements to West Bridge Park as part of the long-range Arch Bridge/Bolton plan, which encompasses the Bolton Neighborhood along Highway 43 and property near the Arch Bridge.

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