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The city of West Lin is embarking on a yearlong process to update and enhance our Transportation System Plan, which is a long-range vision for how we'd like to move around our city. We want to learn from West Linn neighbors about important issues that matter most to you and your families. Roads? Pathways? Sidewalks? Trails? Crosswalks?


Do you feel that West Linn's streets and sidewalks are safe for students walking to and from school? Are they safe for everyone else who'd like to walk or bike? Why or why not?

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Topic: Mass transit

Why is it important to you to make investments that encourage travel by means other than drive-alone trips?

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Compared with other residents in our region, do you feel you spend more or less time in traffic? Which roads in West Linn have the heaviest traffic?

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The median commute time to work for employees in the Portland metropolitan area is 23.4 minutes. How long is your commute? Where do you commute to?

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If I didn't spend so much time stuck in traffic, I'd ...

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Topic: Obesity rates

For each hour of driving per day, obesity increases 6 percent, but walking for transportation reduces the risk of obesity. How can the city of West Linn make communities more walkable and bikeable?

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